Conditions of Booking

Book with confidence – Coronavirus Guarantee

We recognise the current unprecedented situation is causing a lot of uncertainty and whilst nobody knows when the situation will improve, we want to offer reassurance when booking your next holiday.

If you make a booking with us, and you are unable to continue with your booking due to travel restrictions in place by UK Government for the date of your holiday

We will guarantee to:

  • Transfer your holiday to new dates, with no amendment fee
  • Postpone your booking and move to a new date once you have confirmed your preferred dates
  • Cancel your booking and provide a refund.

If there is a price increase for your new date, we will advise you of the change and that additional rental amount will be payable.

Our Booking Guarantee covers national and local lockdowns, but does not cover any member of the booking group for being unable to travel due to falling ill with Covid, or being required to self isolate or quarantine. There are a number of travel insurance policies which cover these circumstances, examples of which can be found on GoCompare, where we suggest you make your own enquiries.

  1. Contract - Corfe & Purbeck Holidays acts as an agent of the Owner of the holiday accommodation and any contractual relationship exists solely between the client and the Owner of the accommodation. The contract is formed when Corfe & Purbeck Holidays receives and accepts a completed Booking Form together with a Booking Payment of one third of the total holiday price. In the case of payment by cheque, any booking is provisional until such time as the cheque is cleared.
    The composition of the party must be shown on the Booking Form and any subsequent changes must be notified in advance in writing. On no account may the stated maximum capacity of the property be exceeded without the prior agreement in writing from Corfe & Purbeck Holidays.
    If any member of the proposed party suffers from a disability which might affect his/her ability to occupy the accommodation, this must be declared to and discussed with Corfe & Purbeck Holidays. We will do our best to assist with answering all queries.
    Corfe & Purbeck Holidays reserves the right to refuse bookings. Single-sex groups of young persons are not normally accepted.
  2. Advertising Information - Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure the accuracy of the advertising information and any information given by Corfe & Purbeck Holidays, its employees or agents, such information does not form part of any contract and no liability can be accepted for any inaccuracy of mis-statement contained there-in.
  3. Tenure - The accommodation is let for holiday purposes within the meaning of paragraph 9 of the First Schedule to the Housing Act 1988, and there is no right of occupancy beyond the stated and agreed period.
    The accommodation will normally be let for whole periods of one week, usually from Saturday to Saturday, to a maximum of four consecutive weeks. Bookings for short breaks of up to 4 nights will be considered on request.
    Right of occupancy is dependent on guests abiding by their Conditions of Booking which are the conditions under which cottage Owners and Corfe & Purbeck Holidays accept their contractual obligations.
  4. Prices - Prices are shown separately, with information as to what is included in the price.
  5. Bookings - Bookings will only be accepted upon receipt of a completed Booking Form and Booking Payment of one third of the total holiday price.
    Provisional bookings will be accepted by telephone, on-line or e-mail and will remain open for seven days pending receipt of Booking Form and Booking Payment after which time the accommodation may be re-let. A £25 booking fee is payable with your deposit.
  6. Payment - Payment of the balance of the total cost of the holiday is due eight weeks before the holiday commences. If such payment is not received the booking may be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.
  7. Breakage Security Payment - A Breakage Security Payment of £200 is required to be held against the possibility of damage or breakages or of a cottage being left unreasonably dirty or untidy. This must be prepaid, with the balance of the cost of the holiday. A Separate payment is required. This money will be returned at the end of the holiday, unless there is any breakages, damages to the property or if it is not left in a clean and tidy condition, when a deduction will be made to meet these costs.
  8. Cancellation - Also See Coronavirus Guarantee above which over-rides this point in the event your holiday can not proceed due to travel restrictions.
    Notice of any cancellation must be received in writing by Corfe & Purbeck Holidays. In the event of a cancellation, Corfe & Purbeck Holidays will endeavour to re-let the accommodation on the same terms as existed. If Corfe & Purbeck Holidays are able to re-let the holiday a refund will be given, less the £25 booking fee and administration charge of £35. If the accommodation can only be re-let by accepting a reduced rent, the short fall is also payable. If Corfe & Purbeck Holidays is unable to re-let a cottage following a cancellation, the full cost of the holiday is payable.
  9. Holiday Cancellation Insurance - Corfe & Purbeck Holidays does not arrange holiday cancellation insurance for clients. Many clients will have cancellation insurance policies in force, possibly as an additional benefit of a property insurance or other existing policy. Some clients may have holiday cancellation insurance as an additional benefit when paying by Credit/Debit Card and should make their own enquiries and check with the relevant companies.

    Clients who do not have any other holiday cancellation cover are strongly advised to insure their holiday at the time of booking. It is your responsibility to check that your insurance cover is adequate. Corfe & Purbeck Holidays can suggest an insurer.

  10. Accommodation
    Properties are available for occupation from 3.30pm (occasionally later) on the first day of the holiday and must be vacated by 10am on the last day.
    The accommodation is cleaned and made ready for occupation prior to each guest arriving and guests are requested to leave the accommodation clean and in good order on departure.
    Any breakages or damages should be notified to Corfe & Purbeck Holidays as soon as possible. Items of broken crockery, etc. should not be replaced.
    Corfe & Purbeck Holidays will endeavour to ensure that the accommodation is fully equipped prior to guests taking occupation, but will not be liable for damaged, faulty or missing equipment or defects to the accommodation. Guests are requested to advise Corfe & Purbeck Holidays as soon as possible of any damaged, faulty or missing equipment, or defects in the accommodation, whereupon Corfe & Purbeck Holidays will endeavour to arrange a replacement or repair to be effected as soon as possible.
    Neither Corfe & Purbeck Holidays or the Owners can be held responsible for any third party breakdowns, malfunctions or cuts of utility services, such as gas, electricity, water supplies, sewage disposal, telephone or broadband/wifi, although every attempt will be made to remedy a problem should it occur.
    The gardens of some cottages contain mature trees. Corfe & Purbeck Holidays accepts no responsibility for injuries resulting from tree climbing.
    Any car parked at or close to any cottage let by Corfe & Purbeck Holidays is so parked at the sole risk of the owner of the car.
    Occasionally personal belongings are found after guests’ departure. If requested Corfe & Purbeck Holidays will endeavour to locate and return to guests any such items. No liability for such items is accepted by Corfe & Purbeck Holidays or the Owner of the property. The cost of postage and packing will be payable.
    If you have any doubt or if you have any specific requirements, please contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions to ensure you do not book a property which is unsuitable. We cannot be held responsible should a property be booked, that is unsuitable or inappropriate.
  11. Pets - Guests may bring conventional domestic pets to some cottages and these are indicated in the cottage descriptions. There is a limit of one ‘large’ or two ‘small’ dogs per cottage, unless specifically agreed in writing by Corfe & Purbeck Holidays. Those bringing other pets must enquire to Corfe & Purbeck Holidays. Intention to bring any pet must be declared on the Booking Form and the appropriate fee paid. Any pets will be solely at their owners’ risk and owners must accept all liability for any damage or accidents caused by their pets.
  12. Guests’ Undertaking - In making a booking through Corfe & Purbeck Holidays, guests undertake to occupy and use the accommodation for the purpose of a holiday; to occupy and use the accommodation carefully; to pay the costs of repairing or replacing any item lost or damaged during their occupancy of the accommodation if called upon to do so; not to do or permit to be done anything which may cause damage to the accommodation or disturbance or annoyance to the occupants of neighbouring properties; not to use the accommodation for any illegal or immoral purposes; not to do or permit to be done anything which may render invalid the insurance of the accommodation; not to waste electricity, water or gas; not to cause blockages in the pipes within the accommodation by allowing rags, nappies etc. to enter the pipes; and to permit the Owner or the Owner’s Agent together with or without workmen to enter upon the accommodation at any reasonable time upon reasonable notice, or at any time without notice in the event of an emergency.
  13. Right to Cancel - Corfe & Purbeck Holidays reserves the right to refuse any booking or cancel any booking already made if the accommodation becomes uninhabitable or due to circumstances beyond its control for any reason whatsoever. In such circumstances guests will be offered alternative accommodation, if available, or a full refund will be made. Corfe & Purbeck Holidays or the Owner will not be liable for any other losses or for any damages in such circumstances.
  14. Clients’ Risk - The accommodation is occupied and used by the guests at their sole risk and Corfe & Purbeck Holidays or the Owners accept no liability for any injury or illness to guests, their invitees, or licensees, or for any loss or damage to their property, unless caused by negligence of Corfe & Purbeck Holidays.