Purbeck cycling route: Corfe Castle to Studland via Rempstone

Starting in the village of Corfe Castle, it’s a quick pedal through the village heading towards the castle. On approaching the village square, you follow the road around to the right, hoping that there are no vehicles and then downhill with the Bankes Arms Hotels on the right – I always really enjoy this exhilarating flatout s-bend!

Turn right into Sandy Hill Lane, which is the first road you will reach, under the railway bridge. Follow the road up to a finger post for the bridleway signposted ‘Little Woolgarston’.

Continue your ride through the metal farm gate and then start the climb of what I like to call “Heart Attack Hill”! Once you pass the cattle trough, the hardest bit of the climb is done. The wind can be very strong here and when it is, I am constantly fighting to get the bike going in the direction that I want to go!

At the radio/telephone mast, I love to admire the fantastic views of Corfe Castle and the valley towards Harmans Cross.

Head through the single gate, then it’s a steady climb up through the field, again the south westerly wind can be very strong, making it a “pleasure” to continue the climb up to the next pair of gates. Go through the second gate, if the wind is very troublesome here, it can make shutting the gate whilst remaining on your bike a bit of a pain – which for me, resulted in getting a “bootie” in a present puddle!

There are two tracks disappearing into the forest, I prefer the right-hand track which involves only one gate. On my ride, there was a lot of fallen branches, but I just ride over or around these. Go through the gate, then it’s a fairly quick downhill ride on a stony track, which can sometimes get a bit slippery. When its dry it can be attacked with much more gusto! As the track straightens the speed rises.

You will then approach ‘New Road’ which leads to Studland, there is a metal barrier which can be ridden round. Carry on across the Studland Road and downhill on the road, heading towards Burnbake Campsite on a quick tarmac road. Ride past the entrance of Burnbake Campsite, through the barrier and onto the Rempstone Estate and follow the road around the cottages. When you reach the finger post, follow the direction to Goathorn Pier and Cottage. This is part of the Wytch Farm Oil Field development; the road offers great views of Rempstone Forest. As you go around a little s-bend take the right-hand fork signposted ‘Greenlands Cottage’. Follow the stony track - nothing of any fun unless you meet a tractor coming the other way!

Ride past another metal barrier and down the track to a concrete pad/bridge which crosses a small brook. If there is a spring tide it can be quite deep and being brackish water that does not bode well for the bottom brackets of bikes. Up the other side towards Greenlands Farm, the track bears right and heads towards the Studland Road, ‘Ferry Road’. At the ‘Ferry Road’ turn right towards Knoll Beach.

Once at Knoll Beach in Studland, it offers a perfect spot to have a bit of a rest whilst enjoying the outstanding views. Sometimes before I start the ride back to Corfe Castle, I end up in the Studland pub to savour a well-deserved pint!

So what are your waiting for.. grab your bike and give it a try.

Meet the author: Malcom

Hi I’m Malcom, I am the owner of Sails Orchard. Myself and my wife Shirley try to spend as much time as we can at Salis Orchard in Corfe Castle. Whilst in Corfe, I like to spend my time; cycling, walking our dog, Molly and having a pint in the local pub.