How to keep the kids entertained during lockdown

Lockdown means a lot of time cooped up inside with the kids. Trying to find ways to keep the kids entertained has been a struggle. Schools are sending out work, parents are struggling to motivate and manage a classroom style learning and some children have so much energy they are charging around the house constantly. Check out our favourite things to keep the kids entertained:

Home bake off

This can be as hard or as easy as you like, big kids might want to really push their cooking skills to impress you and younger children might just like licking the spoon! Everyone can research and find a recipe online and bake for each other - obviously at different times to eliminate any arguments! Who doesn’t like cake?

Den building

Most of you will remember making a den when you were a child, release your inner child and encourage your children to build a den. It might look like a mess to you but to them it’s amazing hideout which they can sit in and play, pretending it’s a campsite in the jungle or that their dinosaur hunting! Using a table, cushions, a sheet and towels their imagination can run wild! You can enjoy a cup of tea or maybe even pretend to be a lion attacking their den!

Play a game

As a family we always have a lot of games just sitting in the cupboard that never see the light of day. Get them out and have a family games night, get everyone involved and really put a smile on your faces again. Once the children are in bed it is the perfect time to have a game session with your significant other. During lockdown you can even have a virtual board game - there are jigsaws and board games available online or get together on a group chat for a game of trivia or a quiz.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be around the house, garden or on your walk, the list of what you can ask children to find is endless. Ranging from leaves, sticks and flowers to something green, something larger than stone or something moving very fast. Remember the essence to a scavenger hunt is they don’t always have to pick things up and bring them back to you, if you write a list or tell them one thing at a time it can be an interactive way to enjoy and spot new things on a walk, around the home or in the garden.

Have a pizza making night

Making pizza with the kids is a really easy way to get them to get involved with cooking and to encourage eating veggies. Pizzas are really easy to make at home all you need is; tomato puree, cheese and to make the dough, flour, yeast, salt and water. Vegetables that work best for toppings are; peppers, tomatoes, onions, courgette, olives, spinach, sweetcorn and the list goes on! Even if your children has said they don’t like a certain type of vegetable letting them choose, taste and decorate their own pizza will help encourage them to eat vegetables and learn what they like rather than being forced to eat vegetables. Also, who doesn’t love pizza!

Sports day

What was more fun than a primary school sports day course? This could be as whacky or as competitive as you want! To start you off here are just a few ideas: egg and spoon, sack race, star jump competition, running race and obstacle course. If you want wacky you could do a dressing up race, where you run and put on various items of clothing so you are dressed in a crazy outfit at the end – this can be very funny watching younger kids trying to run in oversized jumpers or even shoes! Another idea is to fill wellies with cold baked beans and have a running race – a fun way to get mucky in the garden!

Make an indoor mini golf course

Everyone will love this, kids, big kids and even adults! Think out of the box when creating you mini golf course, you can use your recycling bits and bots to build a fantastic golf hole, use furniture that’s already In your house and pipes/tubes can create a really stand out golf course.

Host a talent show

Do you have a hidden talent? Get the family together for a night of pure entertainment! Everyone has a turn at showing off their talents, whether its telling jokes, dancing or even singing it’s a fun way to get together and have a few giggles.

Tend the garden or grow your own veggies

Growing vegetables can be a fun way to teach children about the science behind plants – and they wont even realise what you are doing! They can get mucky outside and for some reason children just love watering plants! Tending a garden is a relaxing way to encourage children to learn a new skill and to spend more time outside in the fresh air. If you opt to grow your own vegetables it can be exciting waiting for them to sprout and then watching them grow into something they can then eat!